Supplier Partners

Below is a summary of our Supplier Partner program. To view a PDF with more details, please click here.

The NWIDA Supplier Partner program provides extensive and exclusive opportunities with greater revenue potential for companies looking to reach the independent wireless community.

We serve over 40,000 wireless retail locations! Our Supplier Partnership activities are sure to get your business in front of more dealers and making more sales, more quickly.

NWIDA is the association for the “local” wireless dealer sales/repair shop. Our members and audience are the non-carrier owned, and non “big box” stores selling and/or repairing wireless devices. 

OUR GOAL:  The main objective of the NWIDA Supplier Partner program is to increase collaboration between you and dealers that are primed to embrace your value proposition to increase their profitability.

The NWIDA Supplier Partner program is is customizable to complement and enhance your current marketing plan.

NWIDA uses a variety of different marketing vehicles to get your message to the dealer base. These include:

Promotion of your Marketing Message and Value Proposition
Daily via email and NWIDA web presence
Monthly thru Social Media Posts

Customized Email campaign(s) to over 20,000 individual wireless locations

Custom virtual exhibit in the NWIDA Virtual Supplier Showcase

Recorded Informercial

Representation at Industry Shows and Regional Events

Inclusion as a Panelist/Guest Speaker on NWIDA Webinars

Special networking programs for compatible non-competitive suppliers

CRM / Marketing Automation Tools

Discounts on CDI Services

Our first step is have a conversation about the components of the program that are in alignment with your goals and objectives.

Let’s talk! For more information, call 919-694-3298 ext 150 or email us at

In addition, NWIDA will be working closely with Corporate Dynamics (CDI) and their training programs, offering you a new and unique opportunity to reach the wireless dealer channel, including priority access to two new programs – the CDI Learning Management System and Catapult Call Center Solutions – an Inbound / Outbound Customer Retention & Sales Program